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Welcome to ENRG Debrief’s 2020 US Presidential Election Coverage

21:17 – It is arguably the most important and most anticipated US Presidential Election of all time, as President Donald Trump takes on former Vice-President Joe Biden.

Throughout the night, our team of reporters will be giving you breaking news, key features of this election, state-by-state analysis, and expert interviews live on Radio ENRG from 10pm-8am.

We’ll also be bringing you articles, analysis, and social media highlights on this blog as we find out who will lead America for the next four years.

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22:00 – We are live on Radio ENRG!

On Course for Highest Turnout in US History

23:02 – According to The Guardian, turnout in a Presidential Election is on track to be at it highest level ever, with 101m already cast early.

An overall turnout rate of 67% has been predicted by University of Florida professor Michael P MacDonald.

Shifting Demographics

23:07 – CNN’s exit polls have found that 65% of this year’s turnout was white, down from 75% back in 2016.

The polls also found that 13% of the turnout was black, which is up from roughly 10% in the last election.

23:21 – Early results suggesting Republican holds

Stating the Facts: Colorado

23:40 – Thomas McCann gives the lowdown on Colorado and why it looks to be heading towards a more progressive way of thinking.

Stating the Facts: Arkansas

23:42 – Arran Proctor explains why Arkansas looks to be a safe Republican seat.

Stating the Facts: Texas

23:47 – Despite being a red seat for 40 years, Texas has the potential to play a major role in this election. Thomas McCann explains.

Stating the Facts: California

23:53 – Thomas McCann explains why, despite a shift in previous years, California is now safe seat for the Democrats.

Stating the Facts: Wisconsin

23:58 – Wisconsin was one of the Rust Belt states that shockingly went red back in 2016. Arran Proctor looks at whether that could be the case again.

Stating the Facts: North Dakota

00:04 – Thomas McCann examines another safe Republican seat in North Dakota.

Stating the Facts: South Dakota

00:10 – Much like its northern counterparts, South Dakota is considered to be safe for President Trump. Thomas McCann has more.

Stating the Facts: Illinois

00:14 – With 20 electoral votes, winning Illinois is huge for either candidate. Thomas McCann explains what way it might go.

00:20 – Florida is a crucial swing state in this election. What way will it go?

Stating the Facts: Pennsylvania

00:23 – Trump won Pennsylvania by a slim margin in 2016, and as Thomas McCann writes, it’s undoubtedly seen as a battleground state once again this time round.

Stating the Facts: North Carolina

00:27 – Both candidates have made it apparent just how much the value North Carolina in this election. As Oliver Lindsay explains, it’s a much-coveted swing state.

Stating the Facts: Oregon

00:33 – Thomas McCann looks at a Democrat safe seat – this time in Oregon.

00:35 – Florida is going to be a tight one! Keep up to date on Radio ENRG and on this blog to see how it goes.

Stating the Facts: Iowa

00:38 – Another close contest in Iowa, as Iona Nicola explains how the Democrats’ grip on the state could be loosening.

Stating the Facts: Hawaii

00:43 – Hawaii is considered an extremest safe Democrat seat. Chloe McDermott has more.

Stating the Facts: Michigan

00:46 – Another of the Rust Belt states that flipped Trump’s way in 2016, Chloe McDermott examines whether it’ll stay red or go back to blue.

Stating the Facts: Nevada

00:49 – Biden’s leading in the polls, but can he maintain the lead? Chloe McDermott takes a look.

00:51 – Ohio could be coming up big for Biden!

Stating the Facts: New Mexico

00:57 – New Mexico has a habit of voting for the most popular candidate. Chloe McDermott asks can it happen again?

Stating the Facts: Georgia

01:04 – America’s new battleground. What way will Georgia go, and just how important is it? Iona Nicol takes a look.

01:07 – Like we said, it’s America new battleground!

Stating the Facts: New York

01:18 – One of the Democrats’ safest seats – Iona Nicol has the lowdown.

Stating the Facts: West Virginia

01:24 – Chloe McDermott examines a state that has become more and more Republican over recent decades.

Stating the Facts: Missouri

02:13 – No longer a proper battleground state, Missouri should stay red this election. Chloe McDermott explains.

Stating the Facts: Arizona

02:18 – Iona Nicol takes a look at another safe Republican seat – as Arizona looks like it’ll stay red.

Stating the Facts: Alabama

02:25 – A former confederate state, Alabama is expected to go just one way this election. Ruaraidh Holden gives the details.

02:32 – Texas keeps flipping! One minute it’s red, the next it’s blue. Can Biden pull off a Democrat win in a state that’s been Republic for the past forty years? 28% left to go!

Stating the Facts: Minnesota

Ruaraidh Holden gives the lowdown on a state that’s been blue for a long time and looks set to stay that way.

Stating the Facts: Tennessee

02:41 – A landslide Republican victory in 2016, it looks like it’ll be the same again. Ruaraidh Holden has more.

State Update: New York

02:50 – Iona Nicol brings the latest on the New York.

Stating the Facts: Washington

02:55 – Ruaraidh Holden looks at the capital and its Democratic history.

Stating the Facts: Virginia

02:59 – Previously a Republican stronghold, the state has gone blue the past few elections. Ruaraidh Holden examines whether that stays the same.

03:01 – Could North Carolina swing blue? It’s really close!

Stating the Facts: South Carolina

03:05 – Oliver Lindsay explains why South Carolina is viewed as a guaranteed Republican seat.

Stating the Facts: Massachusetts

03:10 – Massachusetts looks set to stay blue – Iona Nicola has more.

Stating the Facts: Alaska

03:13 – Alaska was extremely early in its voting this year, and his a loyal red history. Oliver Lindsay breaks it down.

State Update: Colorado

03:16 – There’s been a winner in Colorado. Iona Nicol reports.

03:18 – Are we seeing the election swing in President Trump’s favour? Nail biting stuff here for both sides!

State Update: New Mexico

03:19 – Who has won in New Mexico? Iona Nicol has the answer.

Stating the Facts: Maryland

03:21 – Coronavirus. Feuds. Hospital trips. It’s certainly been a interesting election period in Maryland. Oliver Lindsay explains why it’s set to stay blue.

State Update: West Virginia

03:34 – A comfortable Trump win comes as no surprise. More from Iona Nicol.

State Update: Arkansas

03:39 – Red stronghold. Red win. Iona Nicol reports.

State Update: Texas

03:41 – Thomas McCann saw Texas start off blue, but it has now swung red. Still a way to go.

Stating the Facts: Maine

03:45 – Unique in terms of voting structure, but a traditional blue state. Oliver Lindsay has more.

Stating the Facts: Florida

03:49 – A key swing state, Florida has been an enthralling battle all night. It looks to be going the way of the incumbent though, Ruaraidh Holden explains.

State Update: Kansas

03:51 Trump holds Kansas. Oliver Lindsay reports.

State Update: Pennsylvania

04:03 – Trump is leading significantly with 25% of the vote gone, but early votes are still to be counted, which usually favour Democrats. Thomas McCann has more.

Trump Win: Missouri

04:16 – Oliver Lindsay looks at a Republican hold.

Biden Win: Illinois

04:19 – Biden wins President Obama’s home state. More from Thomas McCann.

Trump Win: North Dakota

04:21 – Another republican hold. Oliver Lindsay reports.

Biden Win: Calafornia

04:23 – 55 electoral votes for the former Vice-President. Thomas McCann gives more details.

Trump Win: Louisiana

04:26 – Oliver Lindsay reports on an even better Republican performance than 2016.

General Update: Electoral College

04:29 How it’s all shaping up, from Oliver Lindsay.

04:45 – It’s looking extremely unlikely our map will be completely coloured in tonight. How it will end up looking is so hard to call.

Biden Win: Vermont

04:49 – Up on Clinton, Biden takes Vermont. Oliver Lindsay has more.

Biden Win: Washington

04:52 – Biden wins Washington, but will he settling into the state’s most famous building as the country’s new president? Iona Nicol reports.

Trump Win: Utah

04:54 – Another six electoral votes from Trump. Iona Nicol has more.

State Update: Virginia

04:56 The latest coming out of Virginia, from Ruaraidh Holden.

Biden Win: Delaware

05:00 – Another blue retain. Oliver Lindsay reports.

Biden Win: Oregon

05:02 – Iona Nicol looks at a landslide Democrat win.

05:07 – This has been absolutely captivating. It looks like results in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin will decide this election. When we got those results is unclear at the moment. Still a long way to go in this one!

Trump Win: Nebraska

05:15 – Trump is trailing for the moment, but he adds more to his overall total. Iona Nicol has more.

Biden Win: Massachusetts

05:18 – Biden outperforms Clinton again, more from Oliver Lindsay.

05:30 – Joe Biden is set to make an announcement any moment now. What will the Democrat Presidential candidate say? We’ll have updates right here and live reaction on Radio ENRG.

Biden Win: New Hampshire

05:32 – It was excruciatingly close in 2016, but as Oliver Lindsay reports, it was far more comfortable this time round.

Trump Win: Montana

05:35 – Trump will be hoping to claw back his current deficit, securing Montana puts the incumbent on the right track to do so. Iona Nicol explains.

Trump Win: Ohio

05:41 – It looked like it was maybe going to turn blue, but Trump holds onto Ohio. Iona Nicol takes a look.

05:43 – Joe Biden – “We believe we’re on track to win this election.”

05.44 – “It ain’t over till every vote is counted, but we’re feeling good.”

05.45 – “We’re going to win Pennsylvania.”

05.46 – “Keep the faith guys, we’re going to win this.”

Trump Win: Mississippi

05:58 – Another state goes Trump’s way, this time even more convincingly than 2016. Iona Nicol reports.

Trump Win: Iowa

06:02 – It turned red in 2016 and it has stayed that way in 2020. Iona Nicol has more.

Trump Win: Florida

06:06 – It went back and worth all night, with a brief window of hope for the Biden campaign, but Florida stays red. Iona Nicol gives us the lowdown.

Biden Addresses the Nation

06:11 – Olivia Sheed provides a detailed rundown of Joe Biden’s confident speech on election night.

Trump Win: Wyoming

06:13 – Oliver Lindsay looks at Wyoming as it stays red.

Trump Win: South Dakota

06:14 – No surprises as the Republicans hold South Dakota, reports Oliver Lindsay.

06:18 – A fantastic thread from our social media star Isla Whateley on the swing states in this year’s election.

Trump Win: North Dakota

06:24 – It just keeps getting closer and closer. Oliver Lindsay takes a look at North Dakota, a Trump hold.

Trump Win: Texas

06:34 – The unthinkable looked possible as Biden lead in Texas, but the status quo was resumed as Trump retained a Republican stronghold. Iona Nicol explains.

Trump Win: Oklahoma

06:36 – A big leading margin for the incumbent. Oliver Lindsay has more.

Trump Win: Kentucky

06:39 – A shock looked on the cards for a brief moment at the start of the night, but it’s another red hold. More from Oliver Lindsay.

06:59 – President Trump is set to make a statement momentarily. Updates here and reaction live on Radio ENRG.

07:11 – A very interesting stat from friend of Radio Debrief, Jon Sopel.

07:21 – Trump has taken to the stage.

07:22 – “The results tonight have been phenomenal”

07:25 – Trump claims that the Republicans are doing very well in North Carolina, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

07:28 – “They (Democrats) said ‘we couldn’t win, so we’ll take it to the courts'”

07:29 – “We were getting ready to win this election. Frankly, we did win this election.”

07:30 – “We’ll be going to the US Supreme Courts.”

07:30 – “As far as I’m concerned, we already have won it.”

07:31 – President Trump’s claims of fraudulence and cheating have not been accompanied by any evidence and are yet to be proven.

07.31 – Vice-President Pence takes to the mic.

07:37 – Vice-President Pence was far less accusatory than the President, thanking voters for their support.

07:39 – CNN’s Jim Acosta analyses the President’s speech.

Trump Addresses the Nation

07:59 – Olivia Sheed details a quite extraordinary speech for President Trump, in which he claimed he’d be going to the Supreme Court to challenge supposed fraudulent voting.

08:02 – That’s all from me tonight (this morning) on this live blog for Radio Debrief covering a spectacular and exhilarating US Presidential election. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster and we still don’t even know the winner! We all hope you enjoyed the coverage both here, on social media, and on Radio ENRG. It’s time to get some sleep! Thanks for joining us!

– Seán McGill

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